Conceria Walpier Tannery


Conceria Walpier is located in a Tuscan village called Ponte a Egola in Italy. We source all of our vegetable tanned leather from them to produce our wallets and accessories. We have chosen to source our leather from them because of is beautiful colouring, superior quality, and sustainability. These leathers have very consistent and deep rich colours that accentuate lighter and darker tones much like the pull up on an oil-tanned leather hide. The hides are smooth and consistent with a slightly firmer temper than traditional vegetable-tanned leather. The flesh side has a very smooth and has a consistent texture that is very clean and free of impurities.  

Conceria Walpier is one of 22 tanneries operating between Pisa and Florence that are part of a consortium named CONSORZIO VERA PELLE ITALIANA CONCIATA AL VEGETALE. This consortium ensures the same standards of production methods between the tanneries are used and promotes high-quality production of vegetable-tanned leather that is still produced according to ancient methods. Tuscan vegetable tanned leather has a long-lasting tradition and expertise that are closely connected to the lifestyles and culture of its production areas that are known throughout the world. We at Bear’s Leather Co have experienced the rich culture and production methods of the Tuscan Valley and are honoured to be using their leather for our products. We encourage you to learn more about the techniques and sustainability of leather hides produces at Conceria Walpier and the CONSORZIO VERA PELLE ITALIANA CONCIATA AL VEGETALE.



S.B. Foot Tanning Company

S.B. Foot Tanning Company is a tannery located in Red Wing, Minnesota in the USA. The leather they produce is used to manufacture the footwear from one of America’s finest footwear companies called Red Wing Shoe’s. We source their full-grain oil-tanned leathers for our wallets and accessories because of their dedication to quality and sustainability of leather sources.

S.B. Foot Tanning Co. has a prestigious history and a passion for quality. From its foundation in 1872 by Silas B. Foot and George Sterling they have grown as a company over generations and are today owned by the privately-owned company, Red Wing Shoe’s. The company operates using traditional and updated techniques and has an employee base that stretches back generations of the S.B. Foot Tanning Company. We cherish our connection with S.B Foot Tanning Company and encourage you to explore their process, history, and products on their website linked here




Hermann Oak Leather Co.

Hermann Oak Leather Co. is a tannery located in St. Louis Missouri in the USA. They are a company that is dedicated to traditional tanning techniques and the protection of the environment and their employees. Their dedication to both quality and eco-friendly production means they only produce “naked” leathers that are not dyed but rather are offered in a range of naturally darkened or waxed colours. We source all of our Skirting veg tanned leather from Hermann Oak to produce the Rugged and durable Bear belt, as well as our collection of accessories for Dogs.

Hermann Oak has an incredible legacy and history that began in 1881 for the supply of harnesses for horses and hides for the wagon trains full of settlers that travelled west along the Lewis & Clark trails. From 1907 they were a large supplier of leather for soldiers that fought in both world wars. Since world war II they have grown rapidly to be a supplier of speciality vegetable-tanned leathers that are committed to traditional tanning processes and some of the toughest and renowned leather in the world. We adore the history and quality of Hermann Oaks leather hides and feel very proud to use their leather for some of our best quality products. We encourage you to learn more about Hermann Oaks history, legacy, process, and products by clicking the link here.