How we Started

My interest in leather started with a single hide and a simple leather-working kit given to me by a local saddler in exchange for a couple day’s work bailing hay on their farm. It took me almost a month to turn that hide into some leather parts I needed for a café racer motorcycle I was restoring. After moving to Australia I continued to follow my interest in leather-craft and found a leather store not far from where I lived. I visited the store and bought a handful of tools I had seen other leather craftsman using and tried my hand at designing and making a few simple wallets in my spare time. Not long after I was making them for friends and family and have since expanded my knowledge and skill and become the co-founder of Bear’s Leather Company with my partner Jess.
Bear’s Leather products are handcrafted for a life of adventure. They are a perfect blend between the old-world traditions of leather craft and the beauty and elegance of a modern western style. Bear’s Leather products are not stitched with machines but with a technique called saddle-stitching. This method has been around for centuries and it’s that legacy that comes alive in our products. Saddle stitching requires time, effort, and attention to detail which creates products that are unmatched in purity and durability. Our products are made this way because their worth it and if you’re going to choose one of our wallets or accessories it’s going to travel with you for a lifetime, for every occasion, and for every adventure.